Monday, November 30, 2009

The futile exercise of judging masters

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa narrates a story where two guys climb up a mango tree with lots of juicy sweet mangoes. One of them settles down on a brach and started to deligently count all the leaves, mangoes, branches and sort them into different categories. He spent his long hours till he got all the statistics. The other, who was obviously the smarter one of the two, just set his hands on a juicy mango and relished every drop of it, coming out completely satisfied!

Does this ring a bell? A living enlightened Master's presence is something to be experienced, not analysed. Because analysis of masters is a wasteful exercise, just like our poor statistics fellow on the mango tree. A Master's presence is too precious a resource for us to waste away by judging and analysing. Not just that, a living enlightened Master is dynamic energy that cannot be put into a box or a frame made of our narrow understanding, ideas and ideologies. They are ever changing, spontaneous and operate from our space beyond logic. So we will get nowhere in this futile exercise.

However, some of our dear friends do not realise this point and spend their long precious hours in writing, analysing, judging masters - glorifying or defaming them for no reason. Firstly, this will not take us anywhere. We are here to grow, evolve and experience the Truth. Secondly, meddling with enlightened masters has major damaging karmic consequences.

Some of the blogs that I bumped into in the recent past like or seem to be (mis)presenting and (mis)quoting incidents, facts and figures with an intention to defame the Masters. Although this doesn't bother us amidst all the blissful happenings in our lives by Swamiji's grace and endless compassion, we are starting this blog for the benefit of those seekers seeking more clarity about the spiritual path in general and the path with Paramahamsa Nithyananda in particular.

You may ask what qualification we have to be starting this. Well, I would say - it doens't matter. It's not our qualification that is important, it's not how long we have been with Swamiji that is important. It doesn't matter whether we are "insiders" or "outsiders" because these words have no base first of all. What matters is our own transformation that has happened (and is happening) in front of our eyes over the last few years after havinng met Swamiji. That carries its own authority. Any theoritical proof about Swamiji's greatness will only generate more words and more arguments. We just want to share our own transformation - only we know the joy, love, gratitude, compassion and contentment that has happened in our lives. This is something that cannot be certified by anyone except the person who has experienced this. The quantum leaps in our lives and many others around me is evidence enough, which talk for themselves about Swamiji. Not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of testimonials filled with tears of gratitude speak for themselves about our great Master - Nithyananda.

More articles addressing specific issues of concerns that have been stirred up in the above mentioned blogs will follow. Please feel free to leave your questions and concerns behind.

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