Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Incorrect information about Sanyasis on

The authors of say, "Sri Nithyananda has given out perhaps hundreds of sanyasi (monk) initiations to people who are not qualified for it or have obligations in this world that would preclude them from this practice."

“Hundreds of sanyasi initiations..”, Come and count for yourself. Don’t just throw your imaginations in the air.

Firstly, may we know what qualifications you have to decide whether someone is eligible or qualified for sanyasi initiation.? We see that you go on hovering over issues related to relationship problems, divorce and breaking families.

This is completely incorrect information.

In reality, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (or Sri Nithyananda as calls the master) has initiated hundreds of householders into gruhasta ashram (married life) in various ashrams in India. There are over 300 families living blissfully in various ashrams around the world. The main ashram in Bidadi itself has a few gruhastas and all necessary facilities are provided for them to live together as a family. Many are with their children in Ashram. Gurukul facilities are provided for the child to also learn and grow without any compromise. So, please refrain from making comments without validating them.

You call yourself an "insider" and misleading people. Dear insider, we welcome you to really come inside see for yourself. Instead just standing outside and painting your fantasies all over, come inside and see and then tell what you want to tell.

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