Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nithyananda Cult Blog - Total Nonsense!

Recently we bumped into a pathetic blog called started by some depressed soul who has lots of time in life. The language used reflects about the author more than anybody he is writing about. It is obvious he is venting out his own negativities through that channel.

Most of the points he has written are not even worth rebutting. We do not want to stoop to that level of writing. However, for the benefit of sincere seekers who may be seeking clarifications on some specific issues, here goes:

>> If Life Bliss Foundation is not for profit organization, than its accounts should be open to public.

Every single cent is accounted for and the whole system is fully transparent. All the Foundations worldover audit their accounts and receipts are issued. The number of activities undertaken and number of people being helped is indication enough that the money given is being used for a noble cause. If details are required, the Foundation would happily provide the same. We are devotees ourselves who have donated enough and have had no issues so far.

>> Which enlightened master would ask his devotees to leave his/her family,change the name and move to the ashram?

I don't know where he got these statistics from. Swamiji NEVER asks anyone to leave the family or change name. Infact, we know of many lovely couples (Gruhastas are very much a part of the Nithyananda order in Ashram) and families intact who are deeply devoted to Swamiji without any issue. You can come and see for yourself. About name change, it has its deep spiritual significance and own sanctity. If we do not understand them, then it's better to keep quiet than to talk. It's a beautiful connection that is established between the Master and disciple through such deep processes. It has the path in it, which constantly guides us. If that didn't happen to you when you got your name, it's really a pity! Maybe you were too caught up with your analysis to allow anything to work on you.

>> And, because of this amazing feat of making 53 people 'enlightened', you, Sri Nithyananda, have became qualified to sit on a 24K gold throne?

Hey mind your language. What a loser! What's your problem whether he sits on a 24K gold throne or a diomond studded one? What do you know about the rich Vedic tradition, where the Master is given that due respect. Anyway, we are not using your money for it. All the money given for specific causes go towards them (like I said you can come and get whatever specific details you're looking for).

>> Do you agree that most people in your ashram get fat by eating too much, poor diet, not exercising, and having many psychological problems like stress, low self-esteem, and a lack of fulfillment and love?

Total crap. I have no words to say. Having been there, done that (doing that rather), I know what a great lifestyle we lead in the Ashram. Early morning Yoga, Meditation and chanting sessions, sattvik diet and blissful seva - what a joy! If you want to experience this lifestyle, you are welcome to come and spend a few days in Ashram before you talk nonsense and invite trouble for yourself. There is a whole bunch of hundreds (if not thousands) of us, leading that life who have only fulfilment and gratitude to the Master. If all these folks were as jobless as you sitting on the blogs, then you would have been bashed up by them. You just saved yourself. Come to Ashram and try talking these things in front of the devotees, you coward!

More in next post...

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